Tuesday, 6 August 2013


  1. Planet Four Blog | A Zooniverse Project Blog
  2. Got questions for team members ? Submit Qs for my event airing Aug 6 7:45am PT.
  3. I got mooned by Phobos and Deimos. Here's a pic I took last weekend of the Red Planet's two moons overhead
  4. NASA's Curiosity Rover Celebrates One Year on Mars via
  5. This beautiful region is not just a fascinating part of the world! It is essential for our survival!
  6. Good morning! Niagara Falls - beautiful from any angle.
  7. Poll shows majority want gov. support for solar, wind & tidal power, and not for shale gas -
  8. . SeaWorld, Georgia Aquarium & other parks are waiting 4 permits for 18 wild caught belugas in Russia
  9. Our ocean conservation campaigns are gathering momentum internationally. Join the growing supporter community at
  10. Zubrin: Mars One plan less risky because large risks of return are removed. Instead there are risks of staying on Mars
  11. Global travel advisory plus closing of embassies around M. East and N. Africa. Tipped off about impending action in Egypt and poss reaction?
  12. Honor the Dive in! - Ocean Adventures:Call of the Killer Whale  
  13. I'm still not sure if my life is Photoshopped or not.
  14. Identification Tables -  Identify 43 of the most common rock types: igneous, sedimentary and...
  15. Planet Four July 31 2013 on , Year 31 turns into New 32 A Martian year, (a complete 668 days around the Sun)
  16. Incredible Technology: How to Explore the Microscopic World via
  17. Tropical Storm Flossie: Winds 65mph gusting to 74mph. TS Warning for Hawaii & Maui Counties. TS Watch for Oahu
  18. Opportunity rover Days Away from Mars Mountain Quest
  19. OpEd: Mars Curiosity Disproves Notion Space is Interesting Only When Humans are On Site. via
  20. NASA Rover Begins Driving at Landing - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  21. Best Space Photos of the Week - July 27, 2013 via
  22. Corny, but it just feels amazing to be part of something that helps so many different causes. to all of you that take time to vote!
  23. I’m counting down 12 days till my Aug 6 land-iversary. Where were you when I touched down?

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